A nibble of the big apple Monday, December 22, 2014

Nibble of the Big AppleAfter a short trip I have come away still vibrating from the energy that is New York.

Is it the diverse people? Or maybe the deep Brooklyn accents, the stunning art deco buildings, the piles of rubbish on the pavement outside just waiting, not knowing what time it is in a 24/7 city, the callings of ”Happy Holidays” from every doorman, dogs being carried in baby papooses, rich old ladies demanding that the recently purchased $24,000 bag be delivered by Friday for a party, or that train stations can be an enjoyable even grand experience (Grand Central) not simply functional, or maybe the politeness and kindness of strangers, all in a city of over 8 million people.

Grand Central

New York the over serviced city that strives to be an ideal way of life.

Bergdorf GoodmanOn a visit to the ladies there were four staff members to service three cubicles. Or better still a young man to escort you the five feet from the queue to the cashier, as if you didn’t already have your beady eye on who was next available.

The diversity and respectfulness of people and cultures is to be admired. Whether rich or poor, or from any of the multitude of nationalities, there were happy passionate conversations and plenty of backslapping.

New Yorkers know they live in one of the greatest cities on Earth. It’s a city that sells itself - both adults and children are excited by the sheer name of it.

Chrysler BuildingEvery corner you turn you feel completely at home, you recognise the view from many years ago - from a film you watched in the comfort of your own sofa. Then you start actively searching for other film-famous buildings so you can see it in real life. And yes they are as fabulous as the films portray.

Maybe it was all a stage, a magnificent play that would put the Truman Show to shame.

From Phil a Brooklyn gentleman of gentlemen I sat next to on the plane to Mary at the Oyster Bar, to the cab drivers, the restaurateurs and the life size Smurfs - I thank you all and NYC for the great time and creativity she showed me.

Wishing you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS. We hope you have enjoyed our We ♥ Mondays for 2014 and look forward to bringing them to you in 2015.

Ellie and the team at ishimodo