Health communication gap Monday, February 23, 2015

A commonly known fact is that great brand building considers the full customer experience from product or service creation, education, useability and ultimately the set up of a long-term mutually beneficial relationship. Right!

This is true in most industries but it seems that the health, and specifically the pharmaceutical industry with its stringent regulations and legalities, the customer brand building and education stops mostly with pharmacies and doctors surgeries.

In Australia the PBS (Pharmaceutical Biomedical Science) market is worth circa $9billion*1. And whilst the burden of obesity on the public health system is estimated at $40billion, only $31million is spent on initiatives to prevent all non-communicable illnesses.*2

Nearly two-thirds of Australians are considered to have inadequate health knowledge which impacts directly on their lives.*2

So why the lack of communication with the end users?

For the most part, the products are sold to and prescribed by doctors, and there ends the delivery chain, yet here is where the necessary opportunity is being missed to form an educational connection with consumers directly in the form of visually engaging communication pieces.

Here are some great visual finds to stimulate your creative side:

*1 PWC Report
*2 State of Preventative Health Report 2013