“No one ‘LIKES’ me!” Monday, October 19, 2015

No one LIKES me!Have you ever asked yourself why your seemingly thought-provoking piece of content didn’t get more likes? Probably, because it wasn’t a momentous or funny sporting moment, or it wasn’t cute enough or involve animals.

To put things in perspective Ronaldo has just overtaken Shakira to the number one spot of likes with 107,096,356 and given that the population of the Philippines is 100,096,496 its pretty astounding. Whilst the Campaign against Climate Change, a topic we all now know is a pressing reality for us has a mere 2,426 likes.

Campaign against Climate Change

Seth Godin writes that people “Click on things because they think it will look good to their friends if they share them.
Or they click on things because it feels safe.
Or because they're bored.
Or mystified.
Or because other people are telling them to.

Think about the things you chat about over the water cooler. It might be last night's inane TV show, or last weekend's forgettable sporting event. But the things that really matter to you, often those things are far too precious and real to be turned into an easy share or like or click”. (1)

You can code your way to getting more Likes, and if that fails you can simply buy them through advertising. But you might also just want to share things that will actually make a difference in peoples lives.

See you next month.

PS: Ronaldo also has 34 million followers on Twitter but is only 13th on that list with Katy Perry leading with 66.6 million followers… hey this is the world we live in fellow WLM'ers!

(1) Seth Godin: www.sethgodin.com