“Taxi” Monday, January 18, 2016

TaxiHaving flown back to London for Christmas, I did what most people do when arriving in the vast city of a thousand secret lane ways and one-ways – I jumped into a black cab.

Sitting alone in the back of this sparklingly clean; spacious, semi-rounded black module, I felt completely safe, I only had to mention the address once, had some happy cockney banter and off we sped into the night.

And there you have it, for any newcomer to London this would be one of their first brand impressions of the city. Evaluation: Service 10/10, Knowledge 10/10, Personality 10/10 and delivering on a Brand Promise, you guessed 10/10.

It got me thinking about all the cities where the transport system has became visually synonymous with the appeal of the city itself.

Mumbai TaxiDutch BikesLondon Cabs and BusesMelbourne TramsNew York CabsSan Fran Cable CarsTokyo Bullet TrainBangkok Tuk Tuk

Where have you been recently?

See you next month.


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